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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Change of Plans..... has recently changed their policies. Previously an author could submit his episodes one at a time, as they were completed, but now they can only be submitted when the work is complete. I have decided to post episodes here until they are all done and then they will be on and iTunes. I will let everyone know when that occurs. I will start posting episodes this weekend.

In the meantime, I started the sequel to Raising Hell. it will be called hell to pay, and will involve a deal with the devil that our hero, Nate LaCroux, has to keep from coming to fruition. Someone he loves has been taken, and will be sacrificed to satan.

I like the way the story has started out, fast and furious, with action from the very first chapter, when Maeve, Queen of Winter Court of Faerie, walks into Nate's favorite restaurant, Billy Wang's Wing Emporium, and demands payment for a debt. She demands Nate's niece as payment, to be hunted as the prey of the Wild Hunt. If Maeve hunts her down, she dies.  We will see most of the characters from the first book, and a couple of new ones.

One of the new characters is lifted from Irish history, and the song Black Rose by Thin Lizzy. Props to anyone who can guess who this character is.

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