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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Typing Away

Well I am finally back at it. The loss of my mom this spring and having to settle her estate slowed me considerably, as did the loss of my job and going to third shift. In the last week I have gone back to writing and editing, picking up with the sequel to Raising Hell.

I feel
Like I created some solid characters in the first book and I want to add to them, and my own skills,by working on setting and mood. So far the action sequences are better,and I am trying to really get into the heads of the characters.

I still need an editor, or an ebook publishing company that provides editing services. Any ideas?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back at It

Well, no one can say that 2012 hasn't been eventful. It has been a year of ups and downs for me. On the plus side I was able to get my first book out. On the negative I lost my mom and my job within weeks of each other.

At present I am back to work, in more ways than one. I am working at a factory that cans tomatoes. It is extremely busy this time of year,and I am working seven days a week on third shift. The frost we had this weekend means that things will slow down a bit.

I am re-recording the podiobook. The first recording was of the second draft and not of the finished product. I decided to aim higher instead of releasing a sub standard version. My goal is to release the free podiobook at the same time I release the second ebook and to do some cross promotion.

The first drafts of the second and third books in the arcana series are each over half done. I will be rotating writing and recording until done.

One more note. I need and editor, badly. If anyone out there has editing skills I am willing to pay to have my final drafts gone through.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Hard Times

I am plugging away on the sequel to Raising Hell, titled Hard Time.

The premise is that gang members imprisoned at the Michigan City Prison are being murdered, and their decapitated corpses are found kneeling worshipfully. The line witness is described as the angel of death, Uriel, Nate's friend.
Nate has to go undercover, in prison to stop the murders, and prevent a gang war.

That's a very basic premise, but I wanted to fill everyone in ASAP.

Will be posting excerpts etc as soon as I can.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shaking Up The Order

I am making some changes to the Arcana series.

Book two will be called Hard Time and I am about half done with the first draft. Nate will be trying to solve a series of murders in prison in which prisoners are found kneeling in worship, decapitated, before a gang war breaks out.

Book three, formerly named Hell to Pay has been renamed Devil's Due. Nate will be trying to save his niece, who has been kidnapped by Queen Mab to pay the hell tithe and keep the peace between her kingdom and the prince of darkness.

Please let me know what you think of the premise' of these books!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Raise Hell For Free

Tomorrow, 7/18/12, you can get the Raising Hell free in Amazon. This is a one day, one time promotion, so don't be late!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pricing and Availability May Vary

Well the ebook is out and plugging along. I decided to lower the price to .99 just to kick it off.

I am really torn on the paperback. It is out on Amazon, but the lowest pricing I could get it down to was 7.99. It's a shame that publishing has come to the point that the same ebook can be less than a dollar but a paperback is eight.

I am plugging away at a sequel, so wish me luck. Hopefully I can take what I have learned on Raising Hell and speed the sequel along.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Raising Hell is Out

The Raising Hell ebook is out. The paperback will be soon, but I am trying to get the price down.

If you want to check the ebook out the link is below. Whether you purchase or not I would really appreciate a positive review.-B

Friday, July 6, 2012

Are You Ready to Raise Hell?

The Raising Hell ebook is now copyrighted and uploaded to the Kindle Store. If you prefer good old paper books it will be available as a 300+ page 6x9 paperback soon on Amazon also. Both versions have a lot of extra content, including two short stories and the first chapter of the sequel, Hell to Pay. The ebook will be priced at $2.99 and the paperback $9.99. I will be doing a social media campaign at the launch of each version, so please look for it. Every retweet and repost helps me as an Indy author. Thanks, B

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July Release

Raising Hell is finally complete. It's been edited to death and after putting it down for a few weeks and then rereading it I think it's as good as it is likely to get.

All that remains is applying for a standard copyright instead of the existing creative commons, and uploading it to the various ebook stores.

I will keep everybody posted both here and through other social media. I would really appreciate all the retweets and reports that I can get when the book is released.

Thanks for Following,


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


LTRRTL. Six letters that define the biker culture. Live to ride, ride to live. You see it patched onto leather and inked into skin.

This weekend I reached my limit. I flipped the pressures of marriage and fatherhood the bird and took off. I rode south 400 miles before I stopped to consider where I was. There was no destination, no goal. I road for the sheer joy of riding. I rode because if I didn't, I might not like the things I would do, or the person I might become.

I live to ride. It's a passion that most people just don't get. I don't keep a shiny bike, a bike that is meant to be ridden around for show. My bike is designed to ride, day and night, night and day. It's designed to live one and out of for days at a time. I live to sit my ass on that leather seat and go.


 ride to live. It makes me feel alive in a way that I can't express. I know that I am one drunk driver or blind curve away from meeting my maker. I know that there is no room for error, no cage around me to protect me. If I make a mistake, or if the other guy does, and I fail to anticipate it, I die. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

I ride 1100 miles in 50 hours this weekend. I saw the places my father grew up, and rode by the places my family had been most happy. I remembered better times, and created a memory to be cherished a lifetime. I rode to live.

Until next time , LTRRTL.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hell to Pay 2

About 80% done with the first draft. All but the ending is complete. Really needs fleshed out, but I like the framework.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finally Back

Hi everyone. First I want to apologize for taking so long between posts. First my mother became gravely ill and passed away. Then I had to deal with the estate. Then, for some reason, my iPhone blogger app kept switching to an eastern european language, making it pretty useless. I put some serious time into the book and got it to the editor...and waited...and waited some more. I shared excerpts with a writers group. Finally I said fuck it, and went on vacation. We took the bike up the coast of Michigan, and it was just what I needed.

I have been really evaluating the Raising Hell project. The podiobook quality just wasn't good enough. I was done off of the first draft, and frankly, the story evolved. When I finished it and listened I wasn't happy. I wouldn't be giving you guys the same story that I will be selling on Amazon. I scrapped it, and soon I will be starting over, with the complete story. First I want to get the ebook up and selling. I have the final product in my hot little hands, and I have given it to my harshest critic to read, my wife. She's brutal. Then I want to re read it for the first time in months.

When I was younger I did some songwriting. I found that sometimes something you originally thought was cool just wasn't when you revisited it. I wanna do that. I want to put out an ebook and podiobook that I am satisfied with, and not some half assed junk that I thought was good on the first reading. I made the character of God in the sequel look a lot like Steve Jobs. Steve had one mantra, the product first. My product wasn't good enough, even for a first offering. I had to retool and improve it, to refine characters and dialog. I had to make it something...more professional. It's finally something that I can release in good conscience. I would say the Raising Hell ebook is about 95% of the way there, with minor corrections and ebook formatting being the last steps. Now I have to buckle down and get it over the hump.

Now the good news. While I was waiting on the editor I spent some time on the sequel. The first draft is about half done. In my own rocks. It's action from beginning to end. If Raising Hell is Batman Begins the the sequel,Hell to Pay, would be The Dark Knight. We start dealing with a supernatural war, that our hero accidentally starts in Raising Hell. It has epic battles and introspective into characters. So, while my wife tears my work apart, I am working on this. I hope to post some excerpts soon.

Thanks for being so patient guys and gals, I really do appreciate it, and I will be posting more info on the ebook soon. I want to average at least a post a week, but I also want to share things that matter. If you are going to give me your time, I don't want to waste it.

It will be a while before the podiobook is done, but when it is, it will be a much better product. Sorry. The ebook will be out soon, and it will be pretty inexpensive. I, hope you enjoy it.

Monday, April 23, 2012

New Raising Hell Cover

Consulted with a graphic artist who gave me some tips on the book cover. Here is the new and improved version. What do you think?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Raising Hell-prologue

I am finally wrapping up the Raising Hell ebook and podiobook. The death of my mother and dealing with the estate really took a toll on me. This is the final draft, unedited.

I am still looking for editors and proof readers. Anyone interested?

Anyway, I will post the prologue now and the first three chapters will be following on a weekly basis. Shooting for an ebook launch date of June 1.

As always I have to reminded everyone that the material below is protected by a creative commons, non attribution, no derivative, imported 3.0 copyright. The author reserves all rights.


August 2002

"Razor base this is razor one over."

"Copy razor one, this is razor actual. Report."

"Razor actual we have secured the package. Need immediate extraction. Over.”

"Copy razor one, Fatback is hovering at 18,000 feet. ETA four minutes.”

Razor actual let out a sigh. He was damned glad that this mission was going off without a hitch. Razor One was a career black ops operator and in his experience this was a unnecessary mission. Someone somewhere decided to send troops into Iraq to recover an archeological artifact. Black ops boots had been on the ground since six weeks before the Iraq war started, doing the jobs no one wanted to do, and now that the war was allegedly over they were tasked to cleanup the mess the politicians had made.

He and his team couldn't discuss the missions that they accomplished with friends or family, living life that could be turned upside down with a 3AM telephone call. They were the anonymous operators that changed the lines on the map. They kept their triumphsand tragedies inside the small, tight, black-ops fraternity. His team specialized at securing high value targets and gathering intel. This was mission accomplished neither, and it concerned him that blood might be spilled for no good reason.

This team had been dispatched to southern Iraq, near the Saudi border. They were in old Babylon, of all places. There was no strategic reason to be there, or to recover this particular package. No ground could be gained or tactical advantage achieved. He had no idea why Razor One’s team had to hike their sorry asses all over hells half acre to get the thing, but he suspected that there was a political reason behind it.

They were after stolen artifacts. The fall of Bagdad included the sacking of its museums and antiquities, and intel had been intercepted that indicated some artifacts had been secreted to a cave. A cave in southern Iraq. There were no artifacts. There was one lone artifact found in the cave, and it had to be hauled to the surface and flown out as quietly as possible.

It was a half mile hike underground to retract the it, “it” being a sealed vase. Seven troops, a chinook helicopter and the chopper's crew were put at risk, and tens of thousands of taxpayers dollars were spent for a fucking vase.

One of the team members, Pete "Sal" Salazar laughingly called the vase Aunt Ethyl because it reminded him of the cremation urn his aunts ashes rested in. Charlie “Razor One” Jefferson did not appreciate the humor, and promptly told the team member to shut up and quit screwing around or he might be the one going home in an urn. There was a fine line between being too tight and too loose on a mission. Too tight made a soldier edgy, ready to shoot first, and ask questions later, which was frowned on by a political apparatus that saw the military as a necessary evil more then a cherished institution. Too loose and you got sloppy, a deadly state of being for any soldier.

The shooting war had been over for months, and Razor One didn't want his men to be complacent, even on a glorified smash and grab mission. Jefferson was all business when it was go time. It might be a simple mission, but It was still a mission, and one fuck up on a simple mission can undo a lot of careful planning and leave women and children with nothing but tears and a flag on the mantle to remember you by.

The lone vase was covered in symbols and ancient script and the team protected it as they would a flesh and blood asset as they moved back out of the depths of the cave. They carefully, quietly, retraced their steps upward. There was only one way in and one way out. If they had been followed or spotted they would have to fight their way out of the cave, hoping their enemy wasn't resourceful enough to plant C4 at the entrance and turn it into a tomb.

The depths of the cave kept them out of radio contact with the chopper, and they wouldn't know what awaited them until they were topside. They reached the entrance and initiated radio contact to receive the all clear from the chinook. They were almost home.

A mission was a lot like flying a plane, the landing and takeoffs were the most dangerous moments. The insertion had been easy enough, and Razor One didn’t want anything to go wrong at the extraction. He wanted to get his troops, and Aunt Ethyl, home safe and sound. He wanted to drink a beer and spend some quality time between the sheets with Mrs Razor One. Alcohol was severely frowned on in Muslim countries and Mrs Razor One was home in lovely North Carolina. He would settle for getting he and his men home without any trouble.

The team fanned out at the mouth of the cave, each taking a sector and covering their extraction. Razor one advanced from the cave and popped glow sticks to mark the LZ . Within moments the chopper landed 40 yards from the entrance, and the team moved fast, entering the big Chinook chopper , trying desperately to get in the air, denying the enemy an easy target. A stinger missile would definitely ruin Charlie Johnson's whole day. The Chinook was airborne in seconds and Razor one was glad to be boots up and in one piece.

They landed near Rijad, and handed to vase over to the intelligence boys. It was catalogued by them in careful reports and put on a transport, to be flown stateside in a diplomatic package, carried by a cultural attaché, who was a green as the come agency man. It took a connecting flight the get it to Washington, where it was to be studied at the Smithsonian.

It never arrived.

The cultural attaché was found dead in a Washington bar. The state of his body confounded investigators, and sent a quiet scare of a new bioweapon through Washington. His bare bones, which were pot marked with buckshot were all that was left for the authorities to sort through. The other patrons of the bar were also found stripped to their bones, laying face down on the floor.

The attaché had foolishly stopped for a beer at a seedy little bar he had hung out at as a student at George Washington University. Normally he would have ferried sensitive information from stop A to stop B, but this was not sensitive info, it was an archeological specimen, and no one would suffer if he was a few minutes late. His bladder was calling, and the thought of emptying it was all the incentive he needed to decide on the stop. No one would miss him for the extra few minutes it would take to stop, empty his bladder and drink a quick beer in familiar surroundings. It was lazy, and lazy was as good as dead in the intelligence business.

The bar that was robbed by a tweeker who needed cash to fuel his habit, and when the bathroom door slammed behind the junky the sound was more than enough to set him off. He was jonesing for a hit, and edgy beyond belief. The blast from the shotgun sent the greenhorn flying backward, his hands reaching for the package, his chest riddled with lead pellets. The vase fell with a crash.

In a matter of moments the bar filled with flies. Millions of flies. They blackened the room, their buzzing deafening the patrons. The junky’s shotgun began firing wildly into the blackness, each blast making an obscene strobe against the black mass of insects. The flies joined together slowly at first, then more rapidly, until they took the shape of a large man. Samyaza of the Grigori welcomed his reanimation. It had been a very long time since he had seen tasted and smelled.

He smelled fear from those surrounding him. He turned to the gun,man who was out of shells and twitching like a mad man, and then surveyed the bar, seeing the people laying face down, eyes wide in fear. The last thing they heard was the buzzing of flies as the flesh was stripped from their bones.

Monday, April 16, 2012


The final draft of Raising Hell is done! It has been delayed, along with the podiobook, by the death of my mother and the responsibilities of being the executor of her estate. I am hoping to get it off o the editor tonight and have it up on amazon ebooks within the next month or so.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back to Work!

My mom passed Saturday March 17th and was burried yesterday the 21st. Production to the podiobook will resume this evening in her memory.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Taking a Break

My mom is in the last days/hours of a terminal illness. Naturally, I am with her and not pouring energy into the podiobook or sequel.

Production will resume in her memory at a later date.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hell to Pay

here are the first two chapters of Hell to Pay, the sequel to Raising Hell. This is first draft material, so grade on the curve. The story takes place about six months after Raising Hell. Maeve, the queen of the Winter Court of Faerie, had helped Nate in Raising Hell but warned him not to interfere with her if she hunted in his territory. Maeve shows up to remind Nate of their bargain.....

Chapter 1
It was Friday night at Billy Wang's Wing Emporium and a reggae band was droning in the background. Nate LaCroux, a regular customer, had suggested to Billy that he should bring in a band on the weekends to drum up business and Billy had liked the idea. He booked the first band he could, Pillar if Zion, a reggae quartet from Indy. The reggae didn't really go with the of the Chinese restaurant that Billy owned, but it was a start. 
Nate was on a date. Not a real date, a practice date. He had stopped by to see his sister in-law Donna and his niece and nephew. Donna was the sister of his deceased wife , and he thought it might be a good idea to get her blessing before actually asking someone out. The kids overheard, and decided it was a good idea to take Nate on a practice date to hone his skills before the real thing. He didn't have any prospects, and after a dozen years he didn't know where to start. 
He had struggled a long time with the decision. His life had changed a lot since the following spring. He kept an innocent man from a date with the executioner and captures his wife's killer, who was presumably suffering under the hand of Uriel, archangel or repentance and judgement. It was a milestone, a chance for Nate to turn the page on that part of his life and actually start living again.
"Sit up straight uncle Nate, good posture makes you look confident." His niece chastised. The twins were fourteen. Quint, the boy was all skateboards and scars, while Allie, the girl was pompoms and bows. 
"You don't think I look confident?" Nate asked, flashing a nervous grin.
"Dude, chicks dig a guy that's confident. You've got that string silent thing going on, and scars! Chicks dig scars." His nephew replied, with great sagacity. Nate was taking dating advice from a pair of fourteen year olds. He was screwed.
It was a cool fall evening and the chirping of crickets filled the air. The summer had been long, and the fall warm, but it was finally relenting, and soon the season would begin its relentless march toward winter. Nate had enjoyed the summer, and rode hard throughout the season. It helped him clear his mind, and he was trying to get his life back on track. 
"So, do you always eat with your elbows on the table?" Allie asked, condescension dripping from every word. The bitch, who was sitting outside watching the trio closely, chugged in amusement. Nate heard it from their window seat and glared at the dog. She answered him with a doggie smile, he tongue sagging from her maw and her tall wagging innocently. "Keep it up and I'll quit sharing my beer with you." Nate spje through the glass. The dog's tail quit wagging, a d she looked crestfallen.
Nate turned to the twins. "Uh, yeah I guess, why would I want to go out with a woman who cared about where my elbows are?" Allie buried her face in her palms while Quint knuckle bumped his uncle, and have an affirming, "Word dude!" Nate thought that was a good thing, but he wasn't sure. 
A long mournful howl filled the night. The crickets quit chirping. The bitch stood. Normally she looked harmless enough, but when she stood, ears back, hackles raised and teeth bared in an snarl her jaws looked like a collection of box cutters. She growled loudly and then returned the howl as if to say, "Here I am, come and get me." 
The reggae band quit playing as Maeve, queen of the Winter Court of the Fae, walked into Billy Wang's Wing Emporium. 
Chapter 2
"Hello Nathan" Maeve spoke, her words dripping with false civility. 
"Kids, get behind me." Nate said, as he stood and grasped his staff from the wall it leaned upon. The twins looked at each other in confusion, and hesitated. Maeve sniffed the air deeply, a d smiled, stepping forward. "Now, now Nathan, there is no reason to behave like that, she said, stepping forward and running a long pale finger over Allies cheek.
Maeve looked resplendent in a long white gown. She was carrying her hunting spear, which told Nate that she hadn't come for the chow mien. There was a crowd of twenty or so in the restaurant, and they were gaping at the scene. 
Nate drew his SOG seal pup knife from a sheath that was inverted on his belt. He stepped in quickly, and help the knife a hairbreadth from her throat. Maeve had the power of a goddess, but she, and all Faeries, react to cold iron like superman does to kryptonite. "Maeve, Queen of the Fae, I offer you respect, but I warn you, if you ever touch anyone in my family again, I will slit your fucking throat with cold iron!"  The very touch of steel to a faerie's  skin was painful, a wound made with steel might never heal. 
A slit throat surely wouldn't.  
Maeve let go a laugh that dripped with contempt. "Put that toy away mageling, before you hurt yourself." 
"Walk away Maeve." Nate warned. He knew he had over reacted by threatening the queen. He owed her a favor, but the queen of the Winter Court was unpredictable and she was as likely to kill everyone in the restaurant as she was to sit down and drink a beer. Nate pulled the knife away from her throat slowly.
"What do you want Maeve?"
"Courtesy, to start. I gave you passage through my lands, and yet when I visit yours you attack me." She said, wounded. "I came to give you fair warning. I will be hunting in this plane a few days hence. Do not interfere."
"That depends on what you are hunting." Nate answered. "Or who."
Maeve smiled wickedly.  "Who and what we hunt is our own business. I have merely come as a courtesy. Fare thee well wizard." and with that she turned to leave, then paused, looking back at Allie. "And fare the well little mageling. We shall see you soon."
With that Maeve walked out of Billy Wang's. The bitch was straining at her leash, which was tied to a bike rack. Nate had only seen her like this once before, when she met the hell hound the year before. Her teeth were bared into a nasty snarl and foam was building around her mouth. 
The great black hound padded up next to Maeve, red eyes glaring at the bitch, looking back at Maeve for permission to attack. The bitch was a 75 pound Doberman, and the hound made her look small. Nate walked out, standing next to the bitch and lowering his staff at the beast. 
"Better run along Maeve, or I'm going to neuter your pooch." 
Maeve turned away, the dog following at her side. They walked through a doorway of quicksilver, disappearing from view and into her own realm.
Billy Wang's was abuzz with excitement. Pendleton Indiana hadn't seen this much activity in years, and Nate who was a hermit to the townsfolk, had just become a legend. Nate payed his bill and ushered the twins out, and into the old pickup truck that he picked up over the summer. The bitch rode in the bed, her mood improving after the hound disappeared. The kids were quiet at first, and he wanted to get them out of town and off to someplace safe. Allie broke the silence with a question. "Uncle Nate, what's a mageling?" It was going to be a long drive home.

Hell to Pay is protected by a commercial, non derivative, creative commons 3.0 copyright. The author reserves all rights.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Confession

The Confession
"I didn't mean to kill her...."  I blurted. The priest held up his hand to me, stopping me mid sentence. "We need to do this as a confession. Anything you say outside the sacrament can be used against you. You know the drill." The priest reached into his pocket and brought out the special rosary, The one without the crucifix, and placed the stole over his neck. He took a long drink of beer and nodded at me to begin. 
Most confessions don't take place in a bar; they take place in a church. Unfortunately, I can't step foot in a church. It's holy ground.  "Bless me father for I have sinned. It's been a year since my last confession." 
A year. A whole year without feeding on a human being. I was doing so good this time. The  priest took another drink. I've known him my whole life. He's aged. I haven't aged a day since i was twenty four. That was nineteen years ago, and for nineteen years the priest and I have kept  this ritual alive.
"Go on Vincent." He still calls me Vincent. He and my mom. At least she would if she you I was alive, or at least that I'm not entirely dead. Everyone else called me Vinny. But not my mom, or Father Andy O'Riley. He's not Italian, but he's still ok in my book.
"I have committed murder father. I didn't mean to. It just happened."
He wasn't buying it. "Things don't just happen. People don't just commit murder and girls don't just get pregnant. What happened?"
I told him the truth. "I got lonely." 
He buried his face in his hands in frustration. I hate disappointing O'Riley. He's the only one who believes in me. 
"I got lonely. I went out for a night. Mingling in public, just hanging out in a pub. I wasn't hunting or looking for trouble. I was just sitting at a bar when I saw her, when she saw me. Well, we saw each other I guess. That's when it happened."
"She smiled at me." 
Going out was my downfall. I usually keep to myself, trying to protect anyone I could come in contact with. It's so hard to avoid contact, to be solitary. 
"Do you always kill people that smile at you?" The priest asked.
He knew I didn't. He knew I didn't like killing. He knew that I don't line being what I am.
 I'm a vampire. 
I didn't ask to become one, and I still hate what I am after all these years. I've tried everything, but I cant find a cure. Nothing short of a stake or a sunrise can cure me, and the church frowns on suicide.
I started with only feeding on those that deserved it. I am a predator, with all the tools of the trade. I can hear a man beating his wife, smell the sweat on his body, from hundreds of yards. I can hear a child crying after they have been molested. I preyed on those that were preying on others. 
The priest would have none of it. I got the old two wrongs don't make a right lecture. He was right, as usual. I fed on bottled blood. The stuff has no life, no vitality. It can sustain me, like bread and water can a convict.
"What happened when she smiled at you Vincent?"
"Honestly?" I asked. 
"Yes, unless you want to lie to a priest."
It was time to lay it all out. "It felt good. She noticed me. She liked what she saw and smiled. It made me feel human, and I decided to buy her a drink. I didn't mean to kill her. I didn't want to."
"What did you mean to do Vincent?"
"I meant to feel human! I did feel human. We laughed and talked. We talked about life and family. We talked about the weather and the other people in the bar. It felt good! It felt so good to actually connect with a someone. It made me feel human for the first time in a long time."
"But you aren't human Vincent, at least not entirely human, I don't think. How did she die?"
This was going to be hard. I hate this part of confession. "She asked me what I do. I knew what she meant. She wanted to know what I did for a living. That meant she was interested. I caught myself, tried to stop it. It was like taking a shot to the gut father. I know what I do for a living. I know what I am."
"What did you tell her?"
"I told her the truth.i told her I kill people. I wanted to scare her away. But...."
"She looked up. That's what killed her, she in surprise and her gaze met mine. I really didn't mean for that to happen. Once he eyes met mine she was in my power, my thrall. Her life was in my hands, and I took it. She was defenseless. We walked outside hand in hand; her hand was so warm. I killed her behind the pub. I drank her blood, and she didn't even know to be afraid."
"What do you want from me Vincent?"
"I'm not sure any more. When it started I came to you because that when catholic kids do when they screw up. I knew you couldn't turn me in, and I needed to square what I was with God."
"And now?" The priest asked. 
"Because you listen, and don't judge me. You give me hope."
"There is still hope Vincent."
"How do you know?" I asked. The priest caught me off guard with his answer. 
The priest took my hand in his "Because you feel guilt. That means you have humanity. You may be a vampire Vincent, you may not be human, but you have humanity. As long as that spark of the old Vincent is still there I can't give up on you. If you ever lose it, I'll hunt you down myself. Until then, I believe you can be redeemed."
He finished his beer and gave me absolution. There was no penance. No penance could make up for what I do. No punishment could be worse than the hell I feel every day. The priest gave me absolution, and then he finished his beer and stood to leave.
"See you next time Vincent." He said in parting, and headed for the door.
Yeah father, next time.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Almost there...

All episodes have been recorded and I am currently editing them. At present I am finishing about 3 a week. At that rate I can submit everything to podiobooks in 2-3 weeks. As soon as I'm finished I will be polishing it he book up a bit and sending it to te proof readers that volunteered. Once it comes back from them I will reesit and submitt it to the Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

Quick question. What do you usually pay for an ebook? I will price it somewhere between .99 cents and $2.99 . What dobyounthink is fair?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Location- Pendleton Indiana

In the book our hero, Nate LaCroux, lives in a creekside cabin that is secluded in a wooded setting. I based this on the beautiful Falls Park in Pendleton Indiana.

The park hosts the Pendleton Historical Museum, a cabin on the creek. It's a beautiful setting in a quaint little Indiana town. Here are a few pics from the location that inspired Mate's dwelling.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Roses of Winter

Have you ever read a book that really caught you by surprise? Normally I read action or paranormal thrillers, but recently I stumbled across Roses of Winter by Murdo Morrison on It's a drama set near Glasgow Scotland during WWII. Like I said, this isn't my usual fare, but it was so well written that the story pulled me in.

The books follows a group of families that live in the tenements if Glasgow. The mean work in shipyards or are merchant marines during the war, and the women struggle to survive. There is triumph and tragedy, action and drama throughout the book. Like I said before, it is wonderfully written, and if it can pull me, an action, paranormal, horror loving biker, I am sure some of you would really enjoy it too.

 I strongly recommend the podiobook to anyone who will give it a listen. You can find a link to the ebook and paperback below.

Ebook Link:
Roses of War Ebook
Paperback Link:
Roses of Winter Paperback

Monday, February 13, 2012


The production of Raising Hell is wrapping up. I have almost 80% recorded and. 2/3 edited.

Unfortunately my mother's health is declining, and we are in the process of calling in family and making her as comfortable as possible. Please be patient if production is slow the next few days and weeks. Thank you.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Raising Hell Episode 7

Ok folks, here's the scoop. I don't like this episode. I don't like the writing or the audio quality. I have rewritten it and I will rerecord it before submitting the final product to and iTunes. For not it is what it is. Please grade on the curve.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

Hi everyone. I would like to introduce you to a new author, Dave Perlmutter. Dave is posting chapters of his true life story on his blog a chapter at a time. He is a talented writer and a really great guy. His story is interesting and fun in a tragic events kind of way. I hope that you take time to check out his story at his site. It's quite cool!

Daves site is:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Editors an proof readers needed

I am about half way through the recording schedule and almost ready to move to phase two. First I need to get Raising Hell out on podiobooks. Almost there.

Second, I need to finish book two, Hell to Pay. Off to a good start.

Finally, I need to get boom one on iBooks and Amazon. This is where I need your help. As soon as I'm done recording I am going to go through raising hell and edit away. I have idea for a couple of chapters I could add, plot lines I can flesh out etc. basic my I want to take a 40,000 word book and make it a 60000 word (about 250 paperback pages) novel. I need your help. I need people to proofread and edit. I email you a copy and you read it, let me know where I screwed up with typos and give suggestions on what I can improve.

The downside. I'm a starving writer. You won't get paid. You will get the boom early and a special mention/thank you as editors. Are you interested? Shoot me an email at and I will get back with you.


Friday, January 20, 2012

New Author

From time to time I like to mention new authors. I have a few that I have connected with and really like as individuals and authors. I want to recommend author Kaylan Doyle. She does scifi and fantasy and certainly deserves our support. Check her work out at

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Work Work Work

I've been plugging away at finishing the audio portion of this project. I've finished 5 episodes and will record 2 more tomorrow. When I am done recording I will reedit the book, probably add some content and send it to Amazon as an ebook. I will be looking for some beta readers at that time. Any takers?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Raising Hell-Episodes 1&2

here are episodes 1&2 of Raising Hell. I will add episode 3 sometime this week. Please feel free to leave comments and input.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Change of Plans..... has recently changed their policies. Previously an author could submit his episodes one at a time, as they were completed, but now they can only be submitted when the work is complete. I have decided to post episodes here until they are all done and then they will be on and iTunes. I will let everyone know when that occurs. I will start posting episodes this weekend.

In the meantime, I started the sequel to Raising Hell. it will be called hell to pay, and will involve a deal with the devil that our hero, Nate LaCroux, has to keep from coming to fruition. Someone he loves has been taken, and will be sacrificed to satan.

I like the way the story has started out, fast and furious, with action from the very first chapter, when Maeve, Queen of Winter Court of Faerie, walks into Nate's favorite restaurant, Billy Wang's Wing Emporium, and demands payment for a debt. She demands Nate's niece as payment, to be hunted as the prey of the Wild Hunt. If Maeve hunts her down, she dies.  We will see most of the characters from the first book, and a couple of new ones.

One of the new characters is lifted from Irish history, and the song Black Rose by Thin Lizzy. Props to anyone who can guess who this character is.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sorry For The Delay

I wanted to take a moment and apologize. I have been sidelined by a battle with the flu these last few days. I am running a bit behind in the recording and editing process. I will be submitting episode one, with a slight tweak or two, to tomorrow.

The edit is almost done on episode two and I will submit it no later than the first of next week. Episode three is recorded but not edited.

I am also about half way done with a short story that is set in the Raising Hell universe. I will post it as soon as it's done. I will also be starting the sequel soon. I have the beginning sketched out. Feel free to leave comments on where you would like to see this story go.

Thanks for your patience.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Almost Time To Raise Hell

Recording is flying along. I sent out some copies to friends to get their input, and I hope to be up within a week. Here's a brand new audio promo. What do you think?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Location Part 2, The Creepy Ass Storage Place.

For several years I worked as a pest control technician. A bug guy. One of the places I treated was affectionately known as "the creepy ass storage place". The halls were dark, long and dirty, with an open raftered ceiling above. As I worked there I could imagine a vampire, or some other malevolent monster silently reaching down and pulling me up never to be seen again. The place just creeped my the fuck out!

I always said that if I wrote a book I would have to use the location. Thats exactly what I did when I wrote Raising Hell Here are some pics of the location.

And here is how it plays out in one scene of the book.

At Nate’s insistence they started looking for an abandoned building in the area, and found it. It was an old warehouse that had served once as an indoor storage business, but now it was a symbol of abandonment, neglect, and decay.  They  went in through a broken window, unsure of what they might find, Nate secretly hoping that it was a dead end. He hoped they might find some squatters that they could warn. Within moments they smelled the decay, and he knew no living squatter would be found.They carefully opened one empty storage unit after another and began finding bodies in various stages of decomposition. Some fresh, and some bloated and leaking their internal organs. All were desiccated, as if a massive spider had suck every fluid from them. Fred called for backup as they continued clearing the building. The seventeenth unit held the killer, a young, and very hungry vampire.
There is something amazing that happens the first time a person is confronted with the realization that the unreal is in fact the reality that surrounds us. Few people really look at the world around them and see the horrors that walk the street, hidden in plain sight. Most people that are confronted with it turn away and they rationalize to themselves that they simply didn't see what they had indeed seen, refusing to consider that the carefully crafted illusion they called the world was in fact much less sane than they believed. Fred didn't believe in vampires when she entered the building, smelled the decay and opened storage units full of lifeless bodies. She believed in them when she left.

I hope you enjoyed this preview. Look for Raising Hell soon on and iTunes.

Location Part 1 The Propylaeum Tea Room

When writing Raising Hell I was inspired by real life locations. Writing isn't just about characters and situations. Sometimes it's about where the two interact.  In the book a meeting takes place between Sir Lawrence "Cold Larry" Hanover III and our resident good guy Nate Lacroux. These two guys are opposites. Polar freaking opposites. Both are wizards, but Nate is a biker, and Cold Larry is a very refined English ambassador. Larry was forced to come to  Indianapolis looking for Nate when our good guy avoided meeting him. Finally Larry forces Nate to meet and chooses a location. Larry sets the meeting for Indianapolis' own Propylaeum Tea Room,a very proper location in the Old North Side of Indy. I chose this place because of the neighborhood. While I have never sipped tea there there Old Northside has had quite a comeback. In the late eighties these old manners were flop houses for addicts and homeless people, and prostitution was rife in the neighborhood. Homeless shelters were built nearby and the neighborhood was rehabbed to it's former glory. 

Here's the Propylaeum;

And here is how the scene plays out in the book:

"Nate wasn't sure exactly what appropriate dress was for the Propylaeum Tea Room, but he was sure that he wasn't up to par. Sir Lawrence was sitting in the corner, sipping his steaming earl grey tea and browsing the Wall Street Journal. If Larry was as old as Nate assumed he was the interest alone on his savings account could have kept Nate in hot and cold running blondes for a long time. The browsing was just Larry’s way of downplaying the seriousness of the situation. He was being dismissive. 

Larry was dressed immaculately in a well tailored grey suit, sported a pencil thin mustache that alternated silver and slate grey. A matched bowler was balanced on his knee which was crossed over a long lean leg. His left arm was missing at the shoulder, and the empty sleeve was neatly pinned his jacket. He man looked like control itself, but he had seen his share of hardship.
For his part Nate was dressed in greasy jeans and a hoodie. His jeans were covered by his worn chaps  and his  hoodie with a familiar old leather vest that was peppered with patches, many profane, all of which clashed with sparsely populated tables of white haired women in muted pantsuits. He rode with the outlaw motorcycle clubs sometimes. The real 1%‘ers. He found them one of the few places he could fit in. He was an outcast among outcasts there. They accepted outcasts, and reveled in the status themselves. The old women in the tea room stared as he walked by, Tee following in his wake. Grey heads shook in disgust and mouths lined with pearly white false teeth hung open.  The two of them stood out like a turds In a punch bowl.

I hope you enjoyed this preview! Raising hell will be out on and iTunes soon.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Raising Hell Promo!

And innocent man is about to be executed and the Stickman killer is running free.

Twelve years ago, a vicious serial killer reigned terror on the supernatural community, killing them ritually and leaving a small Stickman figure at each crime scene as a calling card. He killed Nate LaCroux's wife and Nate LaCroux has waited a dozen years or a front row seat to the execution.

But the wrong man was convicted. The man on death row is innocent, and the Stickman, helped by a fallen angel, has gotten the keys to hell and plans to throw the gates wide open.

The Stickman has one problem. Nate LaCroux is a wizard of the Order of the Arcana. Nate is summoned by the Arcana, and tasked with with catching the real killer before it's too late. Before an innocent man is executed and the gates of hell swing wide.

Can Nate save an innocent man, catch a brutal serial killer and stop hell on earth? Find out by listening to Raising Hell, and exciting new serialized podcast from author Bryan Dekker. Available soon on and iTunes.

Raising Hell test Chapter

I just set up a test recording for the Raising Hell Podiobook. It's pretty rough but I wanted to share it, and I look forward to any feedback anyone wants to leave. I am pumping back actual podcast episodes as we speak, and when I get closer to a finished product I will post an episode or two here. Thanks for listening.

Raising Hell test Chapter

Raising Hell Cover

What do you think of the cover for Raising Hell? I would really appreciate your feedback.