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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Location Part 2, The Creepy Ass Storage Place.

For several years I worked as a pest control technician. A bug guy. One of the places I treated was affectionately known as "the creepy ass storage place". The halls were dark, long and dirty, with an open raftered ceiling above. As I worked there I could imagine a vampire, or some other malevolent monster silently reaching down and pulling me up never to be seen again. The place just creeped my the fuck out!

I always said that if I wrote a book I would have to use the location. Thats exactly what I did when I wrote Raising Hell Here are some pics of the location.

And here is how it plays out in one scene of the book.

At Nate’s insistence they started looking for an abandoned building in the area, and found it. It was an old warehouse that had served once as an indoor storage business, but now it was a symbol of abandonment, neglect, and decay.  They  went in through a broken window, unsure of what they might find, Nate secretly hoping that it was a dead end. He hoped they might find some squatters that they could warn. Within moments they smelled the decay, and he knew no living squatter would be found.They carefully opened one empty storage unit after another and began finding bodies in various stages of decomposition. Some fresh, and some bloated and leaking their internal organs. All were desiccated, as if a massive spider had suck every fluid from them. Fred called for backup as they continued clearing the building. The seventeenth unit held the killer, a young, and very hungry vampire.
There is something amazing that happens the first time a person is confronted with the realization that the unreal is in fact the reality that surrounds us. Few people really look at the world around them and see the horrors that walk the street, hidden in plain sight. Most people that are confronted with it turn away and they rationalize to themselves that they simply didn't see what they had indeed seen, refusing to consider that the carefully crafted illusion they called the world was in fact much less sane than they believed. Fred didn't believe in vampires when she entered the building, smelled the decay and opened storage units full of lifeless bodies. She believed in them when she left.

I hope you enjoyed this preview. Look for Raising Hell soon on and iTunes.

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  1. Great image to go with the narrative. Now, erm, where's the next chapter?