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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Raising Hell Promo!

And innocent man is about to be executed and the Stickman killer is running free.

Twelve years ago, a vicious serial killer reigned terror on the supernatural community, killing them ritually and leaving a small Stickman figure at each crime scene as a calling card. He killed Nate LaCroux's wife and Nate LaCroux has waited a dozen years or a front row seat to the execution.

But the wrong man was convicted. The man on death row is innocent, and the Stickman, helped by a fallen angel, has gotten the keys to hell and plans to throw the gates wide open.

The Stickman has one problem. Nate LaCroux is a wizard of the Order of the Arcana. Nate is summoned by the Arcana, and tasked with with catching the real killer before it's too late. Before an innocent man is executed and the gates of hell swing wide.

Can Nate save an innocent man, catch a brutal serial killer and stop hell on earth? Find out by listening to Raising Hell, and exciting new serialized podcast from author Bryan Dekker. Available soon on and iTunes.