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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Roses of Winter

Have you ever read a book that really caught you by surprise? Normally I read action or paranormal thrillers, but recently I stumbled across Roses of Winter by Murdo Morrison on It's a drama set near Glasgow Scotland during WWII. Like I said, this isn't my usual fare, but it was so well written that the story pulled me in.

The books follows a group of families that live in the tenements if Glasgow. The mean work in shipyards or are merchant marines during the war, and the women struggle to survive. There is triumph and tragedy, action and drama throughout the book. Like I said before, it is wonderfully written, and if it can pull me, an action, paranormal, horror loving biker, I am sure some of you would really enjoy it too.

 I strongly recommend the podiobook to anyone who will give it a listen. You can find a link to the ebook and paperback below.

Ebook Link:
Roses of War Ebook
Paperback Link:
Roses of Winter Paperback

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